Career disciplines

Find out how you can apply or transfer your skills in some of our core roles.


Our commercial roles are about delivering high-quality solutions and best customer value. Covering all aspects of procurement, financial reporting and risk management, you’ll ensure projects come in on time and on budget. You’ll do this while promoting a health, safety and environment-focused culture in everything you do.

Quantity surveying

Our QS roles involve developing procurement schedules and negotiating agreements, applying commercial and contractual best practice to manage risk and opportunities and maximising financial effectiveness. You’ll work with teams that share knowledge to benefit both project delivery and the customer.


You, and those you inspire, will develop innovative solutions by providing technical expertise, advice and support to a variety of engineering operations. You’ll be part of a team that ensures projects meet industry good practice and specifications. You’ll do this while always keeping the customers’ needs in mind.


You’ll be part of a team responsible for coordinating project delivery. This incorporates programme design, analysis and reporting, knowledge sharing and communication between sites, projects and customer teams. You’ll plan and monitor activities to ensure that all customer and contractual requirements are met.

Project management

Project management is about creating a strong team spirit. You’ll be part of a customer and project team that leads day-to-day construction management and will be involved in design, procurement, installation, logistics, compliance and commissioning. You’ll help us deliver on time, on budget, to the customer’s satisfaction, every time.

Enabling functions

These centralised functions support all areas of Skanska. We call them enabling because that’s exactly what they are: they include human resources, communications, finance, IT, health and safety, legal and technical services. As part of one of these teams, you’ll help us build for a better society.

Current vacancies

We have many more roles across a wide range of disciplines, including construction, civil engineering and project management. Take a look at our current vacancies.


Last updated: 23/01/2017