Seven Reasons to Join Skanska

1. Leave your mark

Naturally Skanska means truly having the chance to leave your mark, in many different ways.

We believe that by creating an environment where you feel empowered to make decisions, are supported in what you do and recognised for your achievements, you have everything you need to truly excel.

You’ll be joining a business where our values drive the way that we work and what we do. We aim to leave a positive and lasting benefit to the communities in which we work. So whether it’s working on one of the country’s mega-projects like Crossrail or Battersea Power Station, building a new hospital or school or making upgrades to water, gas and electrical supplies, you’ll be helping to build what society needs.

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Houda Kawadri, Graduate engineer

Houda speaks about why she believes there is always a chance for engineers to leave their mark.

2. Do what’s right

Naturally Skanska means doing what’s right.

If you want to be part of an organisation that truly lives its values and actively promotes opportunities for all, then you’re in the right place.

We’re growing. That gives us a wonderful opportunity to bring new people from every part of society into the business. People who will shape how we work in the future. We see it as an opportunity to champion diverse talents, skills and backgrounds, developing an organisation that benefits from different points of view and ways of thinking.

If you want to work for a business that places its strong inclusive and ethical approach at the heart of everything it does, encourages collaborative working, has a supportive working culture and actively gives back to the communities in which it works, then Skanska is for you.


3. Reach your potential

Naturally Skanska means helping you achieve your goals and aspirations.

Work is a massive part of our lives, so we want you to get the most from it. But to us there’s more than just the ‘work bit’ – it means helping you to develop in many other ways too.

It could include learning new vocational skills, building your confidence to become a first-time manager or taking on the top role on a major project.

You’ll feel all of this in our passion for learning, sharing and working together – always striving to deliver the best, in a way that enables everyone to contribute and feel proud of the end result.

Jeevan Fermahan, Graduate quantity surveyor

4. Enjoy the rewards

Naturally Skanska means a great benefits package and a more rewarding working environment.

You can be sure at Skanska we enjoy good salaries, a generous holiday entitlement, competitive pension and other benefits. But we urge you to look at the bigger picture too.

As a business, we’re as determined to make a difference as we are to make a profit. To take just one example – over the last three years, more than 130 of our people have been volunteering by making tea and toasties for homeless people in East London. We don’t just do it because it looks good – we do it because it’s right.

So if you’re looking for a more rewarding – and genuinely fulfilling – career, with a business that places its strong ethical approach at the heart of everything that it does, we’re looking for people like you.

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5. Be safer, healthier, happier  

Naturally Skanska means staying safe – and living life to the full.

Our goal is zero accidents, in our business that’s vital. Being the safest can help us to reduce accidents and injuries. It’s why we work closely with our clients and supply chain partners to innovate in how we work, developing safer products and systems that create the safest environments for everyone.

But it’s not just about safety, your physical wellbeing is important to us too. We recognise that exercising, resting and having a good diet all contribute to being healthy and having a positive mental attitude – not just when you’re at work, but when you’re outside it too.

Our focus on health and wellbeing will help you to live life to the full.


6. Protect the planet

Naturally Skanska means bringing new and different ways of thinking to life’s challenges.

When we talk about protecting the planet, we don’t just automatically think ‘green’ in isolation. We explore how, through developing approaches that are more sustainable, in the very broadest sense, we can improve people’s lives and the way that we deliver projects.

It means that you’ll get the chance to work with our supply chain partners and clients, investigating ways in which we can develop solutions that support local economies, create job opportunities and help protect the environment for future generations too.

We don’t just want the obvious answers, which is why we champion diverse talents, skills and backgrounds – bringing new and original thinking to our business.

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7. See the world

Naturally Skanska means broadening your horizons.

With 10,000 projects underway at any one time, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore new places – and possibilities too.

Perhaps it’s our Swedish heritage and values, but we think there’s something distinctly different about working for Skanska.

While we’ve grown over more than 125 years to become a global operation listed on the Stockholm exchange, we’ve never forgotten our roots. Founded in 1887 in a small fishing village in southern Sweden, we love our Swedish credentials.

Complete your programme and, through our global operations, you can experience many different international projects or, if you’d prefer to stay closer to home, right here in the UK.

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Francesca Draper, Graduate engineer

Francesca talks about how she was able to “see the world” with her schooling and Skanska.